Fueled by curiosity, governed by integrity, and led by our collective wisdom.
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Our History

A lot has changed during our years in business. Our passion for creativity is not one of them.



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1985 Pacific Agriculture Services sample
1986 Del Monte sample
1987 California Department of Parks and Recreation sample
1988 Charles Schwab sample
1989 Hitachi sample
1990 Bank of America sample
1991 State of California sample
1992 Nickelodeon sample
1994 Sunset Magazine sample
1995 Intel sample
1996 Stanford University Medical Center sample
1997 J. Phelps sample
1998 Visa sample
1999 Levis sample
2001 California Department of Parks and Recreation sample
2002 California Department of Parks and Recreation sample
2003 BonTerra sample
2005 California Department of Parks and Recreation sample
2006 Jack Welch sample
2007 Genentech sample
2009 Salesforce sample
2011 POST sample
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Our Team

Pamela May, CEO and Owner

Pamela May

CEO and Owner

Scot Muncaster, Director of Engineering

Scot Muncaster

Director of Engineering

Denise Macias, Director of Program Services

Denise Macias

Director of Program Services

David Brown, Senior Project Manager

David Brown

Senior Project Manager

Pat Okunewitch, Senior Project Manager

Pat Okunewitch

Senior Project Manager

Rebekah Ramos, Training Development and Facilitation

Rebekah Ramos

Training Development & Facilitation

Shirley Torho, Senior Instructional Designer / Facilitator

Shirley Torho

Senior Instructional Designer / Facilitator

Vicki Bagrowski, Senior Instructional Designer

Vicki Bagrowski

Senior Instructional Designer

Elliott Allen, Creative Director

Elliott Allen

Creative Director

Wesaam Al-Badry, Photographer / Producer

Wesaam Al-Badry

Photographer / Producer

Brendan McGuigan, Creative Director

Brendan McGuigan

Creative Director

Wally Murray, Videographer

Wally Murray


Cassandre Carbonnet, Graphic Artist​

Cassandre Carbonnet

Graphic Artist​

Nina Seiler, Graphic Artist

Nina Seiler

Graphic Artist

Hailey Davis, Graphic Designer

Hailey Davis

Graphic Designer

Millie Maddox, Motion Graphic Artist

Millie Maddox

Motion Graphic Artist

Devon Campbell, Senior Developer

Devon Campbell

Senior Developer

Patrick Jamieson, Senior Developer

Patrick Jamieson

Senior Developer

Jack Boeger, SEO Expert

Jack Boeger

SEO Expert